Our directors and senior consultants bring many years’ experience from the worlds of internal communication, change management, PR and marketing.

We have worked with some of the world’s largest organisations and best-known brands in sectors as diverse as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, FMCG and financial services.

All of which means we bring a wealth of experience, creativity and pragmatism, to help you solve your communication challenges.

Our people

Andrea Levy

Andrea Levy


Andrea is an established internal communication and change consultant, with both in-house and consultancy experience. Read more…

Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts


Paul’s involvement in the world of internal communication began nearly twenty years ago when he joined MCA (now Brand Union). Read more…

Amber Crisp

Amber Crisp

Senior Consultant

Amber is an innovative internal communicator with significant experience in executive, change and initiative communications. Read more…

Melissa Dickinson

Melissa Dickinson

Senior Account Manager

Melissa is an experienced creative and corporate communications project and account manager. Read more…

Lorraine Donald

Lorraine Donald

Associate Consultant

Lorraine is a senior internal communications specialist and business writer. Read more…

James Frankland

James Frankland

Senior Consultant

James is an experienced communications professional with a diverse range of experience from in-house roles in professional sport, aviation, infrastructure, automotive, retail and more.
Read more…

Susan Perry

Susan Perry

Associate Consultant

Well-versed in corporate environments. Susan has worked internationally and domestically with a number of leading global companies in the UK, SA and USA, supporting major consumer, retail, property and pharmaceutical brands driving both external and internal communications efforts. Read more…
Nick Wright

Nick Wright

Associate Consultant

Nick is an experienced communications and engagement professional now operating as an independent consultant. He works with a diverse range of clients in sectors such as energy, financial services, food and drink, and pharmaceuticals. Read more…

Our work

Our work falls broadly into these three areas:


Effective communication requires an approach and a plan that is flexible, achievable and anchored firmly in the needs of the organisation.

But where should you start?

Do you know what people in your organisation think about communication? When was the last time you measured the effectiveness of your activities? How might communication be improved? And do you have the channels in place to deliver? These are just some of the questions that need answers before you can start to build a plan that meets these needs.

We have extensive experience of managing audit and insight programs that help you develop your plan and provide a platform for driving real change. We know the right questions to ask. We can examine all aspects of the communication environment. And our external perspective means you get the practical recommendations you need to move forward quickly and with purpose.


Great communication is all about delivery. Whether it’s launching a strategy, embedding change or keeping people informed and updated, your message needs to cut through the ‘noise’.

How strong is your story – and does it align with your corporate narrative? How can you really bring it to life? And are you making full use of the channels available to you?

We work extensively with our clients to deliver great one-off campaigns or provide ongoing support to key programs. We plan, write, create, design, draw and animate. In fact we do whatever’s needed to bring maximum impact to your message.


Ultimately you need to ensure your communications are adding value.

Effective measurement will not only measure the impact of your activities but will also play a big part in helping you to illustrate the return on investment.

We have particular expertise in creating and managing measurement programmes to help you get under the skin of your organization and uncover what you really need to know.

We have proprietary research tools including ICEmarq® and State of Engagement™ that can help you understand how your organisation compares to others like yours.

We will help you to craft the questions, advise on how best to ask them and can facilitate dialogue through focus groups and interviews.

Our clients

Client list: Novartis, Shire, Heineken, Berry Bros, Pretofac, Takeda, Cisco, Coca Cola, Standard Chartered, Wates, Pfizer, ING, National Grid, SBM Offshore, Royal and Sunalliance, Roche, Telenor, British Airways, ARM, The Open University, Alexion, Friends Provident, Vodafone, L&Q, Estee Lauder

Our thinking

Creating communication solutions that really make the difference is a challenge we all face. And the challenge will only become greater as every message seeks to gain stand out so it is heard above the other corporate ‘noise’.

To meet this challenge, all our experience tells us is that great communication has three key ingredients if it is to succeed.

First, it needs to build clarity. Next, it needs to forge connection. And finally it needs to drive conversation. It’s these 3C’s of communication that lay the foundation for everything we do.


Building clarity is very often the easy part.

Sure, crafting a clear message by making the complex appear simple is most definitely an art.

So too is bringing it to life with the big idea.

But we’re experienced enough to know that building clarity is only ever the foundation – and not the ultimate goal.


It is, of course possible to understand something completely and disagree with it entirely.

That’s why clarity in itself is not enough and forging real connection is so important.
Most decisions make sense when explained properly so are we really explaining the why as well as the what?

And how we communicate and who we communicate through can have a huge bearing on people’s willingness to really connect. To us, clarity + connection = engagement.


So to the big question. Is engagement in itself a goal? Or is it a means to an end? And if so, what end?

Our view is that engagement is great – but it has to drive conversation. Conversation that cuts though the hierarchy. Conversation that brings together diverse teams, functions and locations. And of course the all-important conversation with the wider world. We love engaged people. But we love engaged people who talk to each other even more.

Because to us, better conversation is the basis of real change.

The State of Engagement™

The State of Engagement™ is a research methodology we have developed to help clients define, profile and measure engagement with key messages such as strategy and change, It’s built around two key dimensions – and two of our 3C’s: clarity and connection.
Saboteur: Has the ammunition to be very disruptive and a focal point for negativity. Challenger: Somewhat sceptical in outlook, though likely to be constructively critical. Champion: Informed advocates likely to be key players in their area. Objector: Conscious rejection rather than apathy makes resistance more pronounced. Observer: Likely to be weighing up options as a relationship stands at a crossroads. Ambassador: Naturally loyal, the sort of people you want on your side during a crisis. Malcontent: Disengaged but resistance most likely to be passive. Passenger: Passive though willing followers unlikely to make much of an impact, positive or negative. Partisan: Fiercely loyal, often to fault with a high likelihood of being a loose cannon.
Clarity focuses on the extent to which an individual understands the message and their role in delivering it whilst connection assess the extent to which the individual supports the message and wants to be part of it.
Our research suggests that strong engagement drives conversation through advocacy, commitment and higher discretionary effort.

To see how engaged your people are with key messages being communicated in your organisation we can manage a bespoke State of Engagement™ survey for you.

We can also compare your results to the UK norms so that you can see more exactly where your priorities should lie.


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